Stijn is a young man of 23 years old. He was born blind and lives in a modest apartment somewhere in the city. This is the only place in the world where he can move so freely. The table, the chairs, the kitchen and the bed aren't obstacles for him. On the contrary, while being part of his territory, they also guide him through it. He knows this space inside out. It may be small and limited, but Stijn is not. In fact it's quite the opposite.

During the short winter days, there is a slow transition from twilight into total darkness in Stijn's apartment. The darker it gets, the harder it is for me to find my way around. Stijn has no burden of darkness. He doesn't need light and because of this, I leave the light for what it is.

170 x 275 mm | 72p | leporello

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- ​​​​​​​Fotobookfestival kassel 2013 for best book of the year

- Mentioned in best of lists 2012: photo-eye (by Erik Kessels), The Photobook Club, Michael Kominek, British Journal of Photography (PDF) by Bruno Ceschel, Bint photoBooks, SNOR x TIPI (selected by Tipi Bookshop)

- Dutch Doc Award, NRC Handelsblad (2013): download article (JPG)
- Vrij Nederland (2013): 8 pages on 'Touch'. Download article.
- De Volkskrant - dutch only
- NRC - dutch only
- Forms and Functions of Photobooks (Jörg M. Colberg)
- Bint photobooks (the Leporello Photobook as a Phenomenon)

- MOMA Library (NYC)
- Frick Library (NYC)
- Victoria & Albert Museum (London)
- Yale Library
- Brooklyn Museum (NYC)  
- FOMU (Photo Museum Antwerp)
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