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Shaky Ground, 2018: A photo book about the remains of the First World War in the ground along the Ypres Salient in Belgium, now 100 years after the Great War. Go to project

(Un)expected, 2016: this is a memorable photo project about the coping process of surviving relatives of suicides in West Flanders. In 2008 my mother took her life and just recently a friend did the same. 
West Flanders, the region where I grew up, has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe, one and a half times higher than the European average and twice as many as the Netherlands. Every month in West-Flanders 20 people commit suicide. Go to project

Touch, 2012: Touch is a moving photo story about Stijn, a young man of 23 years old. He was born blind and lives in a modest apartment somewhere in the city. The publication ‘Touch’ consists of a leporello which on one side is printed with concatenated pictures that don’t care about the size and the way of folding of the book. This makes the disorientation of both the photographer and Stijn naturally tangible. Go to project

Katendrecht V, 2011: I exhibited at Cape Belvedere Katendrecht (Rotterdam) together with seven other third-year students in documentary photography at St. Joost Art Aacademy in Breda. This book is a collection of the exhibited work. 

Fotodok Photo Festival Naarden newspaper, 2009: this newspaper was published by Fotodok to support the exhibitions at the Photo Festival Naarden 2009. One of the exhibitions, in which I took part, focused on the case of Belgian village Doel that has been threatened by expansions of the port of Antwerp. An exhibition catalogue in the form of a newspaper was published by Fotodok.

Night Watch, 2010: This little black book collects a series of photographs dealing with nocturnal scenes, in which I portrayed personae and phenomena that are conventionally associated with the night. Most of these scenes remain unknown to most of us, and even inaccessible.

Alexandra, 2010: a project about Alexandra, my girlfriend. In this publication I have collected a series of photographs that reflect associative structures to get across the notion of killing time during a period of pain and illness.

Memories, 2010: When you return to places you remember from your childhood, memories come flashing by. I tried to capture these flashes with my iPhone. The results of this photographic nostalgic journey were blown-up and printed in a print publication in newspaper format.

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